A Video Production guide to Living and Working in Ibiza


For me the best way to get around Ibiza – the small Island, is by bus. In San Antonio, a 5 minute walk from the Egg Monument is the Bus Station. From here you can get to various locations on the Island. The main ones being Ibiza Town. Unfortuneatly, getting to Playa d’en Bossa from San An can be tricky. Luckily the disco bus runs from around 4pm each day (one per hour) which takes you direct to PDB. The caveat to this is that there is often way too many people on the Disco Bus and you will be lucky to get a seat. Sometimes there is no air-con and you may get way too close to people stood up. Also, the bus driver and bus assistant in his or her fluorescent t-shirt will shout, scream and punch the roof of the bus until the bus is illegally stuffed to the safety brim of people. I do not recommend the disco bus and would spend the extra €1 and 20 minutes by getting the regular bus 3, which runs from 7am – 2300 every day.

Bus 3 – San Antonio – Ibiza Town

  • Runs 7am – 2300 every day (one per 15 minutes during peak times)
  • Takes 20-30 minutes each way
  • Costs €2 each way (cheaper if you have a travel card – similar to a Oyster Card)
  • Has aircon
  • Usually a seat
  • Can drink and eat on board – but hide it when boarding and be discrete
  • Watch out for the drunk tramp in Ibiza Town (by the steps)

Exiting the bus in Ibiza Town

Bus 3 terminates by some steps. Prior to this, the bus turns a corner with a KFC & PIZZA HUT Restaurant on the other side of the road – you can’t miss this, so once youve passed this, the next stop is the final stop – everyone will get off, the bus driver will probably shout a bit. You will see lots of steps. When you do exit, try to avoid a homeless short man with brown hair – he will try to chaperone you up to the other bus stops and charge you for the service. I also saw him dancing to ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion with another homeless man, opposite the Bus 3 stop. This other homeless man is far more entertaining by playing a electic mix of music from the theme to Only Fools and Horses to Greensleeves.

Bus Map – The Whole Island

Map of all the bus routes in Ibiza

How do I get to Playa D’en Bossa from San Antonio using Bus 3?

When you exit bus 3 in Ibiza Town, turn left, keep walking up on the main road and the bus stop for bus 14 to Playa D’en Bossa is the 3rd or 4th bus stop – there are bus timetables inside the bus stop so just look for L14. The bus from Ibiza Town to PDB takes around 15 minutes.

Also worth pointing out, the disco bus does not allow any alcoholic drinks on board – a wheelie bin is provided for you to dump your hooch before you board. The regular buses (3 – San An & 14 – PDB) however, have no such draconian staff to sniff out such items, though, you should hide it when boarding.

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