Music Concert

Voice In A Million at Wembley Arena

I recently worked for Voice In A Million as part of a 6-camera recording of their huge concert at The SSE Arena Wembley. I arrived around 12 noon and met the Director and other Camera Operators for what promised to be an exhilarating shoot. I love multi-camera shoots of live performance events, it’s the closest thing to a time machine! Time moves so fast because you are deeply engrossed in the capturing of the event. Blink and you truly do miss it. At least there’s a DVD of the concert available for parents to buy, a true souvenir and memento of the day.

For the shoot I used a Sony PMW EX3 hooked up via a HDSDI cable outputted to a Vision Mixer. The talkback wasn’t too hot, especially once the arena filled up with 6,000+ screaming School Children! The other 5 cameras included a EX1R, Blackmagic Ursa and a Canon XF105. The Ursa is a interesting camera, but for me I like to have portability and something more versatile. The Ursa Mini has potential to be my upgrade from the EX3. Despite it’s age, the EX3 still produces an excellent image.

Voice In A Million or VIAM are a fantastic organisation and during the show I found out the essence of what they do. Sometimes you can only find out so much from a web search. Also, a web search doesn’t convey completely the passion and love a organisation has. Throughout the show presentations on stage were made by the organiser, Jo Garofalo and compares David & Carry Grant who also adopted a child and really gave a insight into adoption.

VIAM was founded in 2009 by Husband and Wife Robert and Jo Garofalo. The whole premise is to raise awareness for adoption. To highlight the fact that many orphaned children need a home.

For further info on VIAM, click here.

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