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My Tweet on Alton Towers Exploitation goes Viral

A Job as a Rollercoaster Tester may sound fun and exciting, with an element of danger to it, but not if you’re not being paid or reimbursed for your travel & food expenses!

You will need to be at their site for 8am every day upto September, testing the rides before the park opens to the general public and you must provide or pay for your own food.

Apparently Alton Towers are dressing this exploitative employment sham as a competition – submitting a audition style video describing why you should be the parks Rollercoaster Tester is the application method of choice.

The owners behind Alton Towers, Merlin Entertainments Group Limited are the second largest attractions group behind Disney. In 2013, 59.8 million people visited their attractions, which includes Lego Land and Madame Tussauds. Their revenue for 2013 was £1.2bn with a profit of £172m. Not sure why they cant pay someone a meagre £7ph to sit on a rollercoaster especially one that needs ‘testing’ Hopefully the ‘Nuts & Bolts Tester’ has had a go before the unfortunate exploited employee.

My tweet on the above ITV report went viral! Now on The Exploitation Daily Website